I am Soul Spark

Spark your Soul!

Hi, I am Lorri Lasley. I Am Spark Coaching. Founder, Certified Life & Business Coach

I’m a perpetual student of life, cheerleader, supporter, mirror holder upper, truth teller & seer of others amazingness. I’ve navigated just about everything life can bring (marriage, parenthood, adoption, addiction, codependency & healthy relationship navigation just to name a few).

With 30 years of successful business experience in sales & marketing, I have helped large and small businesses grow new clients and profits.

Spark Coaching is here to help you create a personal or professional life map, to get you on the path headed towards and fully living the best version of you. We’ll connect your inner knowing & your personal compass.

I’ve been in sales a very long time and recently through a fluke and someone retiring, bought a small business in my area of expertise. The transition from employee to employer is a HUGE leap. I was overwhelmed and not taking care of me. The time I spend with Lorri is incredibly valuable. It helps me focus, put a fine point on my “ to do” list and she also reminds me to take care of me.